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A professional portrait is an investment meant to be shared for generations...
Our session fees cover the time for the session, editing, and presentation of the images for ordering your final portraits.

Studio Sessions start at $100 

Location Sessions start at $200
Printed Portraits start at $95 
I realize that due to the digital age and easy access to printing and products, everyone wants to "do it themselves", for a variety of reasons, sadly, many are satisfied with just sharing and looking at them on their phones. As a professional photographer for more than 40 years, although I transitioned to digital 24 years ago, I still believe in the printed product. Digital images stored on a phone, the cloud, or a hard drive can easily be lost in an instant. Plus life gets in the way and many clients don't get around to printing ANY of their images. A beautifully printed portrait will be viewable and accessible for a lifetime.